Massage Therapist Lauren Darn


Hello, my name is Lauren Amber Darn and I run the Amber Organics treatment room. I studied at the York School of Holistic Therapies for one year before qualifying as a Level 3 Body Massage therapist. I belong to the Federation of Holistic Therapists which means I undertake continuous professional development work in the form of practical training and written assessment. 


I've enjoyed giving and receiving massage since being a small child, when I would practice with my friends and family. The first professional massage I received, aged 13, was a wonderful experience that has stayed with me for many years. Never before had I experienced that feeling of lightness, as if my body were floating. Amber Organics exists because I want to recreate, for my clients, the pleasure and health benefits that I have personally experienced from massage. During my time at university I struggled with anxiety and I love how massage can be such a powerful tool for relaxation and stress reduction. 

My goals:

- To make a meaningful contribution to each client's quality of life

- To provide holistic healing for an overall sense of improved well-being

- To bring and create peaceful, balanced energy

- To learn and develop my practice in ways which benefit my local community

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about any of the treatments, I'd be very happy to advise you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

With blessings,


Massage Table


I invite you to sanctuary of sublime relaxation; a room filled with soft light, amber and tropical plants, where you can totally escape from the outside world. To make your treatment as comfortable and luxurious as it can possibly be, I've invested in super fleecy couch covers, ergonomic face cushions and organic oils. You can choose from a playlist of relaxing music or take some time to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. 

Cash and bank transfer payments accepted. 



The treatment room is located within the Red Lea Hotel on Scarborough's South Cliff. 

Off road parking is available a five minutes walk away, in the No Disc Zones. The Red Lea Hotel is in Disc Zone 3L, colored grey on this map.


All treatments/products are vegan...

which means they're kinder to animals and free from the environmental impact of many animal products.

All treatments are organic...

which means they're kinder to and safer for your skin, as well as better for the soil and our ecosystems.

All treatments are bespoke...

which means they're designed, with your input, to achieve the results you need.

I care about health and hygiene...

which means you can relax in the knowledge that you're in a clean, safe and comfortable treatment room.

I'm fully insured and belong to the Federation of Holistic Therapists...

which means I'm practicing responsibly and continually developing my knowledge and skill set.

You can customise your treatment...

with a soundtrack and your choice of scented candles.