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Preparing for a massage

Top tips for preparing for your massage:

  1. Before you leave home write down a list of anything you need to clear from your mind. Dump all your worries and to-do's on a piece of paper for later and give yourself a break from all that mental clutter.

  2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to get on and off. If you're having an Indian Head Massage wear something strapless, or with thin straps that can be pulled down to expose your shoulders and upper back. Avoid a white top if you're worried about getting oils on the fabric after your treatment.

  3. For a full body massage you'll be asked to undress to your pants so wear some undies which expose your lower back and thighs so that your therapist can access these areas easily during the treatment.

  4. Have a shower and freshen up so that you can leave the oils on to nourish your skin overnight.

  5. Bring a bottle of water! It's really important to hydrate after a massage as your body will be busy getting rid of toxins.

  6. Turn your phone OFF. This is an investment in your body and mental state. Make the most of this time to really relax and reconnect with your self.

  7. Plan a light meal post-massage so that your body can focus on getting rid of toxins rather than giving lots of energy to digesting heavy foods.

  8. Remember this is your treatment, if you want to scratch your nose, ask a question, explain what you need, reposition yourself or say 'turn the music up' then go for it! Express yourself and you and your therapist will be grateful for it.

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